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The Virtual Campus in Bavaria (Virtueller Campus Bayern – VCB)

That there are more and more possibilities to study online is also an effect of the globalisation, especially of the New Economy. Nearly every household has access to the internet and uses it for private belongings, business and since a few years also for studying. Following you can find an option for that kind of learning in Germany.

About the “Virtual Campus Bavaria”

The Virtual Campus Bavaria Ltd. (VCB) with its domicile in Hof/Saale is on of the biggest educational supplier in the German language in the internet. This campus works together with my University, University of Applied Science Hof, in Hof. As a student you can also attend several courses which are interesting for your studies.

The VCB has a very widespread offer for students, private persons, companies, educational institutions and governmental facilities. The VCB offers many different benefits for the job related and private continuous education. The eLearning choice has at the moment 200 online courses. The topics are for example: Internet and Web design, Applicant programs, Commercial areas, Languages, Marketing and Distribution, Executive trainings and the intermediation of Soft-Skills. Beyond this the VCB offers with its virtual learning academy custom-made advanced trainings solutions for companies, educational institutions and huge institutions.

What are the advantages of that way of studying and what are the disadvantages?


  • The biggest advantage in my option is that you can study anywhere at any time, so you have the possibility to such your own timetable.
  • Everyone can access such a virtual campus; it could also help for e.g. persons with a daily job to take part in a educational training or is also a possibility for women with children.
  • It is a cheap way of studying, as you have no travel or housing costs.
  • Beside this is easy to use, you won’t need advanced computer skills.


  • In my opinion the hugest disadvantage is the lack of personal contact with a professor; if you attend classes in university you can ask your questions directly after the lesson. You may show him your notices and can ask for solutions for a specific problem. With the online campus you have to write an email first and it may take the professor a long time to answer.
  • It is also complicated to discuss topics with other students, so there is nearly no personal communication. There is the possibility of video conferences but it is easier said than done to meet all participants of a course at the same time online.
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Source: Virtueller Campus Bayern

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