domingo, 11 de marzo de 2007

Globalisation: Risk or Chance?

Some people say that globalisation is the key to the development in the global economics in the future and it can not be avoided. Other people are afraid of the consequences, they think that globalisation deteriorates their level of living and avoids the social advancement.

I think the globalisation has negative and positive aspects which must be considered.

Globalisation gives huge opportunities for a worldwide development, but it does not proceed equally. There are some countries which integrate in the economy easier than others; these countries have a fast accretion and less poverty. For example in some Asian countries, for example India (Silicon Valley), which have been the poorest ones only a few years ago have now achieved through an exterior directed politic dynamic and higher prosperity. Because of the growing economic status it was also possible to achieve improvements with democracy and economical questions according environment and job norms.

On the other side there are countries e.g. such as those in Africa or Latin America which did not integrate in the globalisation process. Therefore their economic growth stagnated or declined. As a consequence the destitution increased. In some cases, especially in Africa, the problems got even worse because of some awkward exterior developments. Their situation became a little bit better after they changed their politics and the income increased.

I think the best way is to assist this development (e.g. changing policies) and not to reversal the development. If the rich countries help the poor countries then this is the best way to boost accretion, development and to cutback poverty.

The most important questions are:

  • How can the rich countries help the develop countries to catch up?
  • Is the globalisation the reason for the unfair diversity or can it helps to minimize the destitution?
  • Are the countries which integrate themselves in the world economies fragile for instability?

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